Presenting Hajar

by vyyvaa

Hajar: a production of Ot and Vyyvaa.

she is the spitting image of her dad, or so says 99% of my family and his… but when she gives me the grin-up right when she’s had enough milk… she reminds me of my dad, may his soul rest in peace. i love love that she took something from him!

the 40 days were challenging, not because of hajar alone, but the comparision between her and Omar, my sister’s boy who she gave birth to ten days before hajar. and add to that the overall atmosphere, and the commenting people throwing advice, it was really too much to digest for a new mom! yes i needed the support physically, i needed someone to cook for me, attend to my needs, but i had two wonderful books that answered most of my concerns: what to expect when ur expecting (last chapter on postpartum) and what to expect the first year. mom wanted to sleep in the same room i slept in, but i just couldn’t tolerate waking her up several times at night from my daughter’s crying! so my room was conveniently the furthest room from mom:)

funny trivia about the 40 days, its a time to make cash! hajar made 1200 kd , not bad girl πŸ˜‰

three times we had experimental family days in our apartment before i offically arrived. i noticed it was much more relaxing, quiet, and i can totally have control on hajar. luckily i didnt have panic moments… but maybe thats why we need to be with our family for the first month, because its when the panicy moments arise!

she was sleeping 24/7 and awake 24/7 somehow! my breasts were sore, and i faught mom so much until she won… funny thing is, recently when i came for a visit and she saw me breast feeding her, she told me to drop the formula and give her my breast!!! Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm why did u this to meeee!! i wuv wuv wuv my mommy.. and i knw why she did it !! sweet mom she didnt want me to suffer sleeplessness or when back in the workforce 😦

u see, once u introduce the formula, the breast milk reduces…. im trying to stimulate it more using an electric pump… i hate the pump im using, i’ve read about one in amazon that is hands-free!!! yara, be sure to buy it girl… u can go around the house and even write ur posts while pumping milk πŸ™‚ make sure ur hubby is out though hehe

my baby has little hair to show! so im not yet running to clairs and buying clips and bands and all. sheΒ  tolerates tummy time with me… playing-trying to raise her head, and even making one-side turns.. we clap like hell when she does it. Ot is her man, she falls totally silent when he holds her, i love this special connection they have.. he teases her alot, when she cries, he says: bas bas, ya3ni msawya nafsich dada!! ma tgeseen 3alai ana baba!

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

she’s giving us the ooo aaaa words from her mouth, we speak back, like dialogue, yet we dont know what we’re saying.. hope we’re not promising her a bugatti by mistake πŸ˜€

we take her for visits to family, and just this week we started to goΒ  out and enjoy some family time. the stroller was an educational chance for us… i know its just a stroller, but we really took time to adjust to it! Ot wasn’t so thrilled, but now he doesnt let any one cruise her but him! that guy is gonna make his girl fall madly in love with him.

daddy’s girl… just what i hoped!

late in the night. we support co-sleeping, sometimes shes in the middle, sometimes on the side, inside her moses basket. Ot used to give me this morning kiss, and now he does it for two…i am very lucky that Ot is aware of my increased need to attention and he attends to it… weird huh? should be the other way around? that he should be needing more attention? bs thanks to God, he gave me enough love to pour over my family, my husband, and new edition to our lives: hajar.

… do u remember the condoms post? welll… that night we went out late,… he went to the pharmacy and bought a supply..

hajar, fear no competition any time soon πŸ™‚