The In-Laws

by vyyvaa

i’ve always took praise of the fact i have a very manageable relationship with my in-laws compared to my other sisters… not until i got more than one eyes-widening experience.

my mother in law is an old lady, a widower, and is the surrendering type (much the same as a lot of women unfortunately). but  what i used to ignore suddenly can not be overshadowed.. every time i sit alone with her, she speaks negatively about the other three daughters in law she has… flana lets the maid do everything, flana sleeps 24hours, flana always at her parents house… it hit me, what exactly does she say about me???

i sat with my sister, and she told me: OF COURSE SHE TALKS ABOUT YOU!!! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT???

honestly, i never thought my in-laws spoke badly of me, because i have done everything nice to them, plus i am really al7amdililla always in good terms with my husband. i kept thinking what could my mother in law speak of me??

i dont sleep alot, i always call her to make sure she is ok, i cook for my husband, i dont have a maid to dump my kid on… so ??? unfortunately, there is one area in my life that people will always have a juicy gossip to be entertained with … my appearance.

the dress code that my in-laws follow is not the same Ot has accepted of me. that must be it! i’m not paranoid or making things up… at times i do feel disrespected, you see… my mom  is the definition of perfection when it comes to house-wife excellence… she is a great cook, a great housekeeper, sparkling cleanliness revoloves around her, and she is always there to support any one in need… one night one of my sisters in law asked which of my sisters 6lal3at 3ala ommi… i felt the urge to ask back” laish ana mo mara san3a???” bas i held it back..

last night i invited the in laws over to my house, and also my niece and my brother’s wife, i asked them to bring coffee that mom makes, simply because i dont have coffee in my apartment… neither me nor Ot drink coffee… and mom makes the best coffee ever. any way, when they drank the coffee.. they kept praising it.. bs they didnt stop there.. they asked who made it? ya3ni immediately they assumed i didnt!!! i said mom did it because ot and i dont drink coffee or have it here… bs even before i made that answer one other answered her sister: la mo vyyvaa eli msawyat.ha”

laish balla???

that last incident was gossiped back to my mother thru my brother’s wife (which is something i criticize her for) and mom is very furious with them… she can not believe i was insulted in my own house!!! thank god i live away from them she said.

another heartless comment was made a few days ago… you see, they are against women driving or working and all that shit. bs al7amdililla inna ot not like them, so this topic is a juicy topic and they always talk about the women who drive and women who work with men, that they lost their femininity and soon enough they will bring grocery and y3aboon el’3az… another sister in law said 3ala 6ol: hatha itha kanu ‘3ayaro el’3az min tezawejo  hahahaha ”

allahu akbar !!! hatha o ana ga3da!!!! they think i always order from restaurant ya3ni??? sij 8illat adab o 3adam e7tiram o 7asafa el hadaya o elmowajeeb 3alihum.

ya3ni we are in 2008 and still there are some people against women driving and working with men… WTF.

and when i sometimes slip and say something about my family they wanna know it in full detail…i want to stop it but they keep going on, especially (and sadly) my mother in law… m3 inna she is one of my mom’s best friends? and close relative!!!!

yalla.. i wanted to let that out, i figured in the end i must be one of the married women who have issues with their in-laws.