12 angery women

by vyyvaa

… as apposed to 12 angry men,

as i make my list for a get-together dinner at my humble apartment, i can’t help but wonder about two matters…

1.  All twelve women are married.

2. How will i fit them in the living room?

all of these women are angry..


Mrs. Heroin,

patience has a lot to learn from this woman.. she is angry non the less, her husband is a drug addict, her daughter is a disrespecting spoiled brat.

Mrs. exclusively-mIrc

cash comes every month from the bank directly to the wife, but that’s as much as she will get… his body and soul is for the chat rooms.

Mrs. stubborn

when i see the wife, i pity the husband, and when i see the husband i pity the wife… stubborns both like a stone, it’s beyond me how they have three kids…yet she is angry for a more common and important reason.. he never takes her any where, never ever… she always goes either with his brothers or her family…his brothers!

Mrs. Religious

if religion could speak, it would shout away all those who attach it to their character. including her husband, she is increasingly confinded in the name of religion.. but then that is not why she is angry, she is a product of suffering from his cheap mental and material state. he is cheap beyond recognition, that she asks her family for money and transport.

Mrs. psydo-cheater

she never caught him red handed, she saw the foreign sim-card, the internet chat profile, the suspecious surfing history, but she never caught him red handed, and that is why she is angry.. and stuck.

Mrs. insufficient

it’s intense when you love someone so much, its huge, and covers your entire body, sometimes it is even suffocating, especially with this woman, she is angry for recieving insufficient amounts of love back.

Mrs. too good to be true

sometimes women get angry for all the wrong reasons, this is one man i would never trade, yet she is angry with him for being too good.. too kind.. too caring for his kids and splurging them..

Mrs. Mute

the walls of the house can only echo her voice, she doesnt tire of talking.. or even trying to make conversations. yet, she is angry for him not conversing, communication lines are cut off, she is angry that he makes it so difficult to love him and care for him, to understand him and come closer.

Mrs. gamer

when you start playing you never stop… you never ever ever stop,  u miss prayers, u miss lunch and dinner, you miss work, you miss family gatherings, you miss your kids.. and your wife, and that is why she is intensely angry.

Mrs. Know it all

he knows every thing, has experience in every thing, tried every thing, heard every thing, aware of everything, can handle everything..and that is why she is angry, even though she is his boss at work.

Mrs. Low-sex drive

when women sit together, some can’t help talking about their men sex drive, but he doesn’t give her any thing to show off with.. they only sleep once every two months, even then it is mechanical, quick and one-sided. a spit of disrespect, she is angry and under-satisfied.

Mrs. Superior

not once did he complement another person, every body who’s any body is below him. She is angry for his ignorance and lack of humility.

Are you angry too ?