High Lights

by vyyvaa

i know… highlights… but then it wouldnt be so meaningful …

The High Light of my day

“Hi vyyvaa,

Thanks for re-applying to us, I am  interested in your qualifications, I was trying to contact you on ******* unfortunately I didn’t get an answer. I am in Kuwait this week from 2nd Aug up to the 7th Aug . Will it be possible to schedule a meeting/Interview between the 6th & 7th of Aug?.”

i have tried to change my job for over a year now, intensly working on it during my maternity… this was my no. 1 choice, this is the company i really wanted to be part of. they are the top of the game… recieving this email early in the morning was emotionally uplifting, i cant wait for august the 6th…

The High Light of my year

she could be the high light of my life… but she has strong competition, my mom.. my late father, my husband, the children that i may still have.. lucky for all, i have alot of love in my heart.

The High Light of my life

always and forever, my mother. i dont believe that one day my love to my husband will expand beyond my love to mom, i do love him intensely, i love him so much it hurts sometimes, this is not just a sentance that i use to enjoy word-play. i really do have strong unhealthy-level emotions for Ot. but for mom? it’s beyond the beyond.