i love

by vyyvaa

family gatherings, i became addicted to this social celebration since marriage, there is something pretty about marriage, it makes u not so shy to embark single handedly knocking doors and being front and center in the social connection efforts. i love this so much.

the new mobile service, its called viva…reminds you of something? (duh me!!!)

ramadhan, it feels and so far translates amazingly, on all aspects, spiritual, social, kitchen-wise, tv-wise.

fetha galbha abyath… did u guys see how 7sain al mansour challenged khaled ameen to a single week of knocking his girl down?… wow!!!!!!!!! finally a sensational unexpected twist!!!

my weight loss… steady and slow in decline.

gerge3an hajar.. was fun event, especially at hajar’s paternal side, the party was a huge success.