What picture do i have of me?

by vyyvaa

do i know me? or do you know me better? ?

for some time now, i have rekindled an old wish to life. walking through el fereej was something so exciting back when i was 8, now i am starting to do it again, but in my new fereej, my marriage fereej. i walk for about two hours crossing blocks and exploring hidden stores tucked between big and small houses. rich people, poor people, kuwaities non kuwaites, Parliament members, heads of qabeela.. indians washing the cars early in the morning… crispy autumn mornings. i wake up at 7 am, and go to where my legs can take me.. amazingly enough, not a single flirt/ti7irish. even though i’m in the mother land of flirty-teenagers (Saba7eya). the assumption is if i’m walking down the road crossing streets and passing blocks.. i’m a day-time maid looking for a new house to clean 🙂 and that jam3eya bag in my hand that i just picked up for breakfast necessities… helps a lot!

sweet Ot..

i’ve been craving crazy emotions unconventional from Ot. and he took a long time to actually show me something new.. i know its not in his character to be out of the box.. but i wanted it so badly! so he did this..

i was sitting watching hajar learning to crawl.. he picked a paper and a pen. wrote something and cut it in half.. folded it, and told me: pick one..

… unexpected move… me likey… i picked one

he said: tbe3en?

excuse me??

– tbe3en?

…hmmmmm la

– 10 kd


– 20 kd?


– 50 kd?


– ok… , he opens the second paper to show me what i lost : paying a bill.

i missed out a chance to pay a bill? thankfully i never miss a bill 🙂

so the next paper is? a romantic dinner at a new italian restaurant.

ala ouna ala dous ala trais…