watching someone fall down

by vyyvaa

today i saw a co-worker fall down, figuratively, she simply fell down, shocked and extremely defeated by the news.. she heard that another co-worker left the job. this other person was probably the reason why she kept believeing in the workplace.. and now that this person is gone, more confirmation exists this is simply not the best job option to settle for.

i fell down about a year ago. but i haven’t yet picked up my self.

it hurts to be in a job you fell out of love with.. this is not marriage, yet i gave it a chance, and another, it kept disappointing me, and furthering me more.. along the way, i see people leave the job, or punch in and out without actually being there, using.. scratch that! abusing the work for personal pleasure and abroad traveling several times a year. and i honestly believe i blew more than one good chance and stuck with this job.

i was crazy in love with my job, 6 am go to work-kind of crazy, i spent alot of evenings doing work at home, had high hopes, neglected the disappearing employees, the frequent resignations.. i didn’t even flirt with the idea of leaving this place… until i saw the undeserving rise high, and the more people work less, the more appreciation and recognition they get. that it doesnt matter if i was punctual or not, no penalties for late comers.. and again, i will not hide behind marriage and motherhood as the excuse i fell out of love. it really is extremely difficult to reconnect. i simply need to change my job.

so for a year now,  i started a serious search, perfect CV, and knocking the right doors.. following up.. so far i am still stuck.

but i’m hopeful before the next year comes, i will be in a new job. and if i’m not, i’m going to have to re-apply all over again.