Auntie Mame

by vyyvaa

My idea of a woman pretty much circles around Auntie Mame, she is an experimentalist, culture-rich, and Devoted to those she love. i must admit, i share with her the quick boredom and continuous jumping from one topic to another.

some questions seem so intensely simple, yet need alot of thinking to get an answer…

What is the most important thing you want to achieve?

I want to achieve success in everything that i do.. in myself, my family, my little family, and my work. i need to think of my life a s portfolio as sections, slices of a cake that i need to address one by one. small goals to bigger goals, durations and longer durations..


i looked at my 2008 resolutions and i’ve completed 3 and working on the rest, that’s probably why i write  a lot of resolutions, so my chances of doing more increase.

Eligible Women

where are you women? eligible girls? thin, white, tall, well educated, beautiful, and ‘from certain families’ kind of girls? wainkom? and if i’ve already paid attention to you? what’s the dealio?? why can’t you just say yes to the right eligible guy??!

Hajar Update

she is 6 months now, Ot is crazy about her, i’m head over heals for her, Mom considers her, her baby project, and she now crawls, eager to stand, laughs out loud, and has two little front teeth! her words?

da da da da da da da da da da

no mama or papa yet

Ot update

since our marriage he changed cars more than 4 times, the last car he had he’s now gonna sell it after an accident that he safely survived from, now he bought a 1996 used jeep, somehow i consider this a family-thought idea and his mind is growing out of the car’s era, or maybe, just maybe, his new fetish is old used cars? 🙂

us update

we are going to Hajj, al jeeran hajj group, i’m very happy, this is the resolution i so much wanted to do! i honestly believe i sacrifised alot to make sure this resolutiuon stands.

news update





African American

practice self restraint…