i’m 29 on 29th of november

by vyyvaa

a sag…

i’m happy, i’m in good health, and i want to do something different this year.

Planning! instead of just waiting for my birthday to unfold as it does on its own, i want to plan for this day from morning to midnight..

i prepared my clothes for the day, my handbag, my baby’s clothes.. and i’ve got every thing set up

i have a breakfast birthday party with my friend, a lunch birthday party with family, and an outing/dinner  birthday party with my husband.

in case any one who really knows me and wondering what to give me, this is my wish list.

1. amazon voucher

2. paid trip to the bookfair.

3. stone ring

4. shoes

5. alshaye3 stores voucher

6. SPA time voucher

7. healthy food subscription

i can’t believe how the list above totally doesn’t completely reflect me, yet its what i really wish!!

for the last week or so, i’ve been feeling experimental with writing, and i wouldn;t to write posts, that are titled




and lulu

please remind me if i neglect writing about those..

on what i achieved since my last birthday… more or less equals what i achieved for my resolutions, but the big thing would be:  i had hajar! i became a mother! i became smarter, and learning to become more in control of my feelings and social responses, my social activity-meter is high, and it’s lovable, i’ve finally agreed my best bet is to become my mother! in every thing sweet that she is. i had learnt my behavioral reactions with Ot, and my family, and to some of the issues i couldn’t yet correct, i’ve learnt that i should go ahead and correct. i’ve become a girl hunter…a man hunter for one time..and kept my obsessions and wildness and cravings under control,

the last point is obviously not a positive thing.