Stating the Obvious

by vyyvaa

When we came back home this evening, i had the good intention of staying late, doing some house chores, then hit the sheets. But Hajar was fast asleep as soon as i layed her down, that i couldnt risk the fact that i may go down to sleep by the time she wakes up and demands full attention. so i went to bed 9ish and now i am awake, unable to go back to sleep..Hajar and Ot peacefully in dreamland.

i have a full day tomorrow, it could be short and dull, but i usually fall into the habit of making it full, long, and fastpaced. there is no shortage of people to visit, places to see, and tea parties (or in our society gahwa/coffee parties) to attend. and there is something about december that makes it so delicious to be active… speaking of december, i wanna put a set of realistic new year resolutions, since i did well for the previous ones:

1. Read 100 books.

2. have a family cruise trip

3. change my job

4. match-make my brother to an excellent girl (I’m hoping to cross this before the new year begins)

5. Steal Jennifer Aniston’s body, and attach it to my face. (ok… now that’s not realistic one bit!!!)

on no. 2, i caught Ot looking up travel agents ads, and trying to find a prefect getaway for us, he now has new matters to think before choosing one, as he insists no more traveling without hajar………. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shinu wanasa if we travel with hajar! diaper duty all the way, but if it means we wake up and sleep with her dimples looking back at us.. yes yes yes to diapers!

aside from hajj. its been exactly a year since we traveled last time…. the kuwaiti travel gene kicking into full gear.