The System of WHY’S

by vyyvaa

my new habba

i can’t say i didnt feel like posting. i felt it, i needed it, and i didnt do it… dont ask me why

i wanna ask you, why do kids keep calling my home number so much that they make me hate them? mistake after mistake…tonight as i returned home, waiting for the kids to make their millionth mistake to call my number, and in the car i jiggle a toy and clap my hands, all the other cars are staring at me, and one hunks his car and points a loony look at me, he cant see my baby in her car seat, and i make a mental note never to judge people in their cars.. u never know..

i pass the traffic light, and look at the most beautiful two apartment buildings in my area, and i ask hajar, why do the most beautiful buildings are built and rented to only americans? i asked the guard how much does an apartment cost if i wanna move in it, and he said: not allowed, only americans, and both buildings are completely rented with a total monthly rate of 24,000 kd, very expensive, and only for americans..

they are fixing the road all the way to bridge, and why is that guy looking at me? no… not why is he looking, why is he looking at me in away that makes me wanna look back??

why am i looking back?? hajar screams for attention and the traffic opens,

suddenly i remember tv, tv shows, greys anatomy, house, scrub,  private practice, why is the american networks obsessed with making medical shows? and i remember an episode in house, where they ckeck the hygene of each and every part of the hospital, big or micro, and it all seemed spotless, sparkly clean, ….could that be the true case??? and why does a vision of al3adan  monitoring rooms, patient rooms, corridors, hallways … hit me big time now?

right turn, easy

in saba7eya, it seems almost as if people in it think its a country, like u just stepped into the borders, and now we greet u with fast old cars, dust of sabotaged tires, and endless lines of reckless driving… not to mention the writings on the wall. i love saba7eya, i love it  in spite of that, and not because of it… although, it does add character to the place. and why i love it? this why i can answer. its the place where almost all my close maternal relatives are.

speaking of maternal.. why are there royal families inside families? wait.. is there? or is it only my mind that thinks that? why do i think that certain families on my maternal side are kind of royal… not royal as in money, but blood. like who ever married their daughters or their sons are lucky.. my husband is a material relative, my husband is no royal blood.

seriously… why do i think that?

hajar is not answering me, and she is busy sucking the arm of a stuffed king mouse. he looks pretty pampered, why did i buy the stuffed king mouse, and not the queen?

wait… it may be a queen mouse… or gay, cant really tell. the world is kind of messed up.