Everything under my sun

by vyyvaa

i wanna go to egypt

the finger to m, the secretary , and to m’s secretary.

the finger to f, the and to n, who works for f.

i feel ugly, gonna have a bath,

i feel happy, gonna go to dada dody egyptian movie, with ot and his sister, first time we are taking her.

my phone got disconnected, bill is 361kd, lets hope my brother wont be traveling soon, its on his name.. and why the big bill? i left the wap connection open!!!!

pilates and more, my new club, i like it. and its very professional. thanks mahoy for the three month subscription, but i will thank u more if i lose the weight

period late… but not pregnant, still i am confused!

i have all the  movies i wanna see.. but my mind can only think of the one thing i run away from

my project. fuck it, cant they just tell me not to do it any more???

i hate my job bcz i cant finish it yet

its not hard, i just cant grab the mood. I SWEAR I SWEAR I SWEAR!!!!  i have proven many times that i am a super employee, but lately im the worst bcz of the project

i will take off the comment option.no comment, actually.. thats exactly it.. no comment, not that i got bad comment,…i just like a particular intellectual kind of a comment, and i dont want pple to suffer bcz of my particularism. no comment

the bitch, secretary of m, she is a rat,

the finger, to m, he is insensitive

he reuined my day

he reuined my life

he reuined my chances

he reuined my mood

her reuined.. my vocabulary…

i want off of this job

i want a fresh new start