my weight loss success story

by vyyvaa

I love the title of my post, it’s the kind of the title I googled a while back, and now people will google me! Since two months, more or less since I abandoned my blog, I joined Dina and Lina Diet center, and Pilates and More Health Club, I was (still is) very commited with exercise, and food boxes. Five times a week cardio, 4 times a week strength training, yoga, pilates, and I made the difference intended, shed 9 kilos and counting.

I’m in my ideal weight now, but exercise is a plus I’m gonna continue, it has built my strength, I feel much more capable. and appearantly, it generated the happiness hormone in my system, my family is flourishing, my work is in its best status. I feel and look fantastic.

I haven’t stopped writing, but I kept it offline, for the next few days, I intend to publish all the drafts back into the blog. Now feel free to congratulate me