work mood

by vyyvaa

I’ve been mood oriented for about two months now. It feels fantastic, and my achievements are skyrocketing. I honestly don’t know how to slow down. I work from 8 to 3, but for some reason, 8 to 3 is not enough time to finish all the activities I want to do!

I attribute that to exercise.  And hope that I can find my fixed routine, fixed time, a sacred hour for exercise and all.. I do exercise as much as I can all week, but differentiating the time makes me feel I may lose it, or have an excuse to skip. So thumps up for routine in this case.

Back to work talk, currently I’m applying for Kuwait-MIT scholarly exchange program, to work on a proposed project I wrote, to be funded both by my work and KFAS.  Interestingly enough, even though my application is well prepared.  I have a strong feeling of rejection, I do however wish that I will be credited for trying to apply.  The thing is, the possibility of me losing this scholarship doesn’t scare me, it actually makes me happy-nervous. I don’t know why! Probably I don’t feel ready to take my family all the way to the USA for a whole year.  Although I know Ot would love such an adventure.

I’m thankful for this change of mood,

In other news,

Ot is the best husband

Hajar is the most beautiful and might I add naughtiest kid on the block

And …………………. I’m not done having babies (bs Ot seems to be hehe)