Accepting Farah

by vyyvaa

It’s easier to accept being called Farah, then trying to explain myself over and over again.

I’m followed by a deadline that’s ticking the hell out of me.  Papers to be processed, approvals to be received, and visas to apply for… and get an acceptance of course!

We are planning to go to Canada for three weeks, this is going to be Hajar’s first overseas trip, she tried Egypt, and passed with flying colors.  But this one is a different case..

  • It’s a mission from work, so I won’t be available all day except at lunch break, Ot will have to take care of her 100%
  • The weather is super cold in Canada

From this out of space blog, I want to send a shout out to my beloved little sis A, you are missed, and I’m so so glad you are coming back, its going to be a great time for me and my baby is going to enjoy the company of your baby.

one more thing, im crazy happy about this smartness mania around me, hot and smart.. what an ultimate combination!! work is really growing on me right now