Little Stories and Big Stories

by vyyvaa

  • People have become so judgmental, its making life very hard, that even the good things you want to do, you have to do it in the dark.
  • Women and men at my workplace are quite the characters. I can’t think of one that doesn’t have a distinct character; it’s really a gold mine for psychiatric students.
  • I can’t wait for July to come. Specifically end of July

Story of outstanding: Explaining how Outstanding operates will take years, but the manual says: fully functional, polite, appropriate, and endlessly energetic

Story of Amina:  Chance

“Dear Vyyvaa

My name is Amina Hamzaoui and I am the Executive Director of the Kuwait-MIT Center for Natural Resources and the Environment. Dale briefed me on the meeting he had with you and your colleagues last week. Would you please confirm if you would be able to attend the Earth Resources Annual Meeting on June 2ndand June 3rd so we can send you an official invitation on behalf of the Kuwait-MIT Center? Your visit at MIT will allow us as well to discuss and explore opportunities for collaboration with the KUMIT Center. Please email meat your convenience your mailing addresses so we can send you via FedEx courier an official invitation to visit us from June 1st through June 4th.

Thank you and best regards,

Amina Hamzaoui,

Ph.D. Executive Director Kuwait-MIT Center for Natural Resources and the Environment

Massachusetts Institute of Technology”

Chances come, and chances go…. Lets hope they come one more time, when Ot is in a better place.

Please July… please End of July, please come.