Work emotions

by vyyvaa

I get so emotionally sensitive sometime at work, like today … it was no big deal, but it hurt me and it ruined my morning.

But you know how a day starts an awful start, and everything seems to go down from there? That’s how this day went..

My sister who just came back from the US is practicing her much loved hobby on me: lecturing and non stop advice

The maids at mom’s place are ganging against each other.

And the club classes for today were so unappealing

So, this post is about reminding me to be happy, so here goes:

  1. Looking at my previous posts about work, I’ve definitely changed, and survived hell hole.. I finished the “I need to finish it”.
  2. MIT is excited about my proposed idea, and next week is my interview to be accepted into the program
  3. In two weeks, I will have a very interesting training in calgary Canada, one that I spearheaded its  start and progress.
  4. I’ve got my hands dirty with an ongoing project listed in my performance plan.
  5. So far since april, my evaluation is outstanding. And looking ahead, I stand a very good chance to continue this way.
  6. Hajar has fallen into a nice routine,
  7. Ot is finally accepting the reality of being a morning person, at least 5 days a week.