Good while it lasted

by vyyvaa

Last week I  was experiencing a taste of a marvelous opportunity, the chance to go on a scholarship to MIT. It seemed I was doing everything right, it amazed me how determined I was, and the lengths I went to, the fights that went into my head, the energy I brought to the argument: “ I can do it”

I was wearing a yellow cropped jacket that promoted happy emotions, emotions that surpassed the fact I didn’t know the location of the interview.. and when I almost found out, I had to walk for a mile to get to it. The panel  of interviewers consisted of two Kuwaitis, and two MIT professors,  the Kuwaitis vibe was negative,  they’re questions were twirling around how I would take care of my  baby, and how my husband will handle it, and why would I be interested in a one year scholarship to MIT, one even pointed out a month can be enough…

The MIT professors, especially Dr Amina, she was so positive, and supportive, she told me that my application stood out among all other, and I was competing with PhD level. Furthermore, my proposal was of a higher level than them.  She was simply telling me I was the better candidate of a one seat scholarship.

And last night I got the call that a PhD got it, and the reason was that they thought its much more suited for a higher educated applicant.

Better  luck next time, and it was interesting while it lasted.