Calgary, Canada

by vyyvaa

i’m here to attend a training thats going to start on monday..the idea was we come 4 days early to arrange and prepare for hajar settling in with her dad while i go to training.. unfortunately her dr adviced us against it despite Ot’s insistance on having her with us… she was all set our cutie.. the tights, the coats, her own bag, her passport with the canadian visa.. but now she is being taken care of at mom’s .. and me and Ot are here.

its cold, the place we are in is extremely comfortable, spacious and very elegant. the car we rented is great with a GPS installed and so far all our trips were smooth and successful, Ot’s sleep is fixed to Calgary.. mine is still stuck on kuwait.

i love you hajar, i promise when we come back to kuwait, i’m gonna make sure i make it up to you, before i go back to work.

love u so much,

and for this trip, im really looking forward for the training, its been planned well, and holds alot of potential for my work, on a personal note, im leaning towards this being a second honeymoon. and i know Ot so far is supporting it.

yesterday we discussed doing the rounds again for baby making.. and he said yes πŸ™‚

calgary… here we go,