Iraq. the past, and the threat

by vyyvaa

i felt extremely disgusted by the recent Iraqi claims and negative talks against kuwait. even more by the comments made in newswebsites such BBC by iraqis and arabs.. they clearly hate us, they simply hate kuwait!!!! i cant believe how much money and effort kuwait has given to all the arabs, and still they hate us.. might as well stop giving them any thing and let them die in rot… that was my idea, and i wanted to find a recent kuwaiti post to refer to .. to back me up, until i came across  Fernas blog … i couldnt go past the second video of torture. Iraqis have clearly been in tremendous torturing experiences through out their history.. this makes me feel so sad and angry, sad because of how much pain they were in, and how many decades it will take to recover from it… angry because despite of it, they still hold grudges against us.. and still are able to feel hate towards any one!!! if i was in so much pain, i would feel emotional connection to all those who’ve been in my situation.. even jews, the holocoust now that we are in D day remebrance .. my God.. thank God for Al Sabah.