Customized Days

by vyyvaa

ever felt like your days need to be customized? i wish i can do it more religiously, it will put more order into my marriage. i wish i can eliminate all my stupid little mistakes, i wish that i never forget, it always brings him to madness, i wish i am good cook, he will never accept that i stop cooking. i wish i can always create a house of harmony, that he would notice each and every pretty thing i do, and ignore all my mistakes.

its so painful when you apologize to your husband, not because it isnt easy, in my case, i hate it because it is an instant reminder of how many times i have apologized before, he thinks i will repeat my mistake (which is forgetting to do one thing, or overdoing one thing, really silly) every thing to be copunted is an awful state to put your marriage thru.

we’re having a trend of two days of bliss, one day of sadness, fighting over the silliest things… ya rab innik tar7amna o ta3fo 3anna,