Sweat and Blood

by vyyvaa

most of the time in a marriag, it feels you need it to give it your sweat and blood. i’m in this phase right now, i don’t have a doubt that there is love, and lots of it, but there is not a lot of room to get away with any small mistakes. i feel cramped, trapped. it didnt use to be like this, jealousy has become a premenant resident in my house, and there is lots of rules popping out every now and then.

i really should keep a note of my mistakes so as not to repeat them. but when most of my mistakes revolve around forgetfulness..

i forgot to call

forgot to wear a certain way

forgot about the cooked dish

lost track of time/

what should i do ? ? how can i control what i can not control, its not like i am doing this intentionally?!

i believe strongly this too will pass, but in the mean time, its taking my sweat and blood.