Morning After

by vyyvaa

Morning after a fight is always hopeful. what you don’t know brings you hope, i also learnt that sleep heals most wounds. and luckily this one included.

during work hours, i kept thinking about him, i called him with the huskiest voice with tears in my eyes, and he responded with love.

day one.. today day two, i fear it not.. i fear the very end of it, and tomorrows.

i have some spare money to buy me something nice.. i wonder what would it be? i’ll let my emotions guide me on this one, but for sure it would be for me. Gold? a new watch? that burgandy dress i keep going after for more than a year and never buy?!!

and i should stop thinking i will ever be able to smell ever in my life, a specialist has clearly closed the door of hope on that one.

so i guess i ‘ll continue using my proven formula when buying perfumes, the very very newest just before it hits kuwait.