My remaining treasure: Friendship forever

by vyyvaa

i’ve been very fotunate to have found my friends, we’ve been steadily strong since highschool, one of them i’ve known since elemntary. mai and Aisha, we survived major set backs, our frienship has been tested on more than one occasion, and we have grown from teenagers to moms…

mai.. we used to go buy school bus, and you were always fun to be with.

aisha.. you’ve always been the mommy type, the one i depended on to do the right thing.

yesterday we gathered at mom’s house, and i gave them gifts from my recent trip to san francisco, sometimes i feel like i wanna celebrate our friendship without any occasion.. call it a celebration of longevity..


and yesterday on whatsapp, aisha sent us a short msg: i love you

and i love YOU

wow, from young girls, to college, to newly weds, wives surviving, first kid, 2nd.. and the many ones after, the maids delimma, the gatherings, the first of us who got a house on her own.. sharing our lessons in life, gossiping endlessly about our men.

and fashion forward mai with her always eccentric buys, and impulsive shopping.

may God always keep you close to me, as i always think of you as my remaining treasures.