Gold: Check

by vyyvaa

Yesterday was day three, day most likely i would have a fight with my husband according to the trend i was having,… but we survived it, and maybe because i opted to sleep…

since we came back from usa begining of ramadhan, i’ve been heavily jet lagged, and yesterday i had the opportunity to sleep and sleep and sleep, i slept for 14 hours,

finally, my bio clock is back to kuwait time 🙂

and i guess i was sleeping peacefully because FINALLY i made one permenant item on my periodical wish list has MATERIALIZED….

to buy GOLD,

i went to the jewelers yesterday and looked for pieces for my self and my daughter, and was able to buy basic pieces and one complete set, this is bringing peace to the fact i had no gold two years after my marriage, i had to sell it to attend to urgetn commitments. now we are much more stable financially, we do have commitments, but they are not overdue.