White Expo

by vyyvaa

i read alot of the reviews on white expo, and rarely do you see a mention of the price, i went yesterday which was the last day, and i saw some pretty stuff, but the price was unrealistic in most cases, dara’as are from 75 and up to 300, most range in the 110 to 180, why girls?!!  i know some fabric is expensive but alot of the dresses they used pieces of the fabric not all of it! and the designs were not with the tailoring as much as with the fabric playing.

so we only bought a very simply one and all cotton fabric, and it cost us 75 kd.

one thing caught my attention, my highschool head mistress was there, loved her alot 🙂

before going to white expo, i had fotoor at the in-laws, and it didnt go well, i heard my maid screaming in the hall so i went and i saw a bunch of kids around her, and she was in horror holding on to herself. they were throwing lgaimat at her, and some were hitting and teasing her, i told them to back off and took her away, and was horrified to find ut that was not the first time they did this, i was then very very mad with her because she didnt tell me she was being bullied. and although i make it a rule every day to ask her if she needs any thing or feels something, she never told me, not only that, they claim she said the F word, and the sad part is their mother believed them and defended them, i tried to tell their mother, but she said ur maid said the F word, she deserves what she got.

ok, if she said the F word, would she say it out of the blue, or out of desperation and hurt?!! LOGIC PLEASE!!

and i know she didnt say it, she was hopelessly crying, i never heard her say it in my house, and i know for a fact thats a word they usually use. so i know it was them who said it to her, because she doesnt talk arabic, and they wanted to hurt her even more buy saying F U.

my God… ill mannered kids, my kid’s cousins, what can i do? how do i protect my kids, how do i help them with their lying manipulation and heartless dealing with a poor maid!??

me and Ot decided we will not bring her to their house again, but i would really feel not comfortable around those kids ever again knowing how carelss and manipulative they were.