little late, but came none the less: The Fight

by vyyvaa

its an improvement, i will look at it this way. but again, unfortunately, an unavoidable fight from my side…

i was at mom’s, my phone was on low battery, so i plugged it to the charger in the living room and went to say hi to my brother, half an hour later the kids came and told me my phone rang alot, and i feared the worst: his furiousness…

i was right, when i came to the car, he was mad i didnt answer him, i explained i was away, that i was with my brother, but noooo.. its my fault i should have had the charger with me in every room i go to.. he told me inna zahag minni, from my forgetfulness, and my ‘im sorry’ i said im sorry not because i am, i dont think i did any thing wrong, i said im sorry just to calm him, but appearantly this word doesnt mean any thing any more in our life… he is sick of my apologies, i am tired, very very tired of him picking on all the small stuff.

i’ve lost the ability to be creative in consoling him, because honestly i dont believe any more its my fault that i forgot to check on the phone… it was completely out of my hand, i just wished that he would find a peace with this, but he chose to be angry.

later that night, i saw him taking the simcard off my samsung, and i told him why? he said ‘u’ll be using the sony ericsson from now on, the battery lasts longer’

i went to sleep after that, and this morning i picked up the sony ericsson to work, any other woman would protest of her independance, how dare he rule even the choice of my phone without even consulting me?! i am very angry with him, but i just picked up the phone, im tired.. very tired.

it feels like im waiting for something to happen that will tranform himfrom this stage, i’m not sure what that thing is.

on the beautiful side of this day, mom came back from travel, she brings a breath of fresh air, i love her to death, and we had gerge3an at a relatives place, hajar and ibrahim had fun, and i took loads of pics.

now im at work, hoping the day will not finish, and i wont have to go back to angry Ot.