Realized Resolutions

by vyyvaa

Marriage has definitely made me discover things in me I never thought I had… one of which is being a social junkie, love making gatherings, love attending gatherings, relatives visits, and keeping the connections strong. It’s been a blessing to my life, a therapy; it has done well to my character, and widened my familiar circle.

Ramadan is all about the family visits, its running so fast, I just blinked and we’re already at the end!


I took a look at my 2011 resolutions, and out of the 9 I listed, 7 are realized, the other two are a work in progress! Not bad at all…

  1. 1.       Become one of the best employees at work
  2. 2.       Lose weight
  3. Cash out the rented car and other one year commitment
  4. 4.       Travel as a family
  5. 5.       Enroll Hajar in E.S.F.
  6. 6.       Become actively charitable
  7. Buy a (Chanel, OMEGA, Mulberry, Jewelry Set, Diamond Ring)
  8. 8.       Start Laser
  9. Get two people married

Some are material resolutions, some are spiritual/personal  , I’ll probably wanna add a couple more now, like living room renovation, and regular constant Quran reading, more spiritual activities every day.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, I hope I’m not the only one who’s remembering that..