In-Laws Rant

by vyyvaa

I have a good relationship with my In-laws, I live in my own apartment away from them, but on a daily basis I call my mom-in law and I frequently visit them couple of times a week, and now that I am 5 years into the marriage, you would think that I am family… at least I was hoping to feel it, but they still do things that make me feel not so family to them. My mother in law has traveled to her daughter, and I miss her tons, and I visit them, but they don’t call me nor sms me, or Whatsapp, always I have to make that move… any way that day I was visiting and they were having that inside joke laughter, it turns out they will be traveling too to their sister where khalti is, and they didn’t bother to share that with me, I had to ask for confirmation!! And their sister she was mad with her husband, and just reconciled, although I was very passionate about getting her back to her husband, no one cared to give me a phone call to send me the happy news she reconciled, I had to see it in my own eyes when I was visiting them and I saw her all dolled up. They tell the other brother’s in laws wives, is it because they are in the house and im not??? I’m always calling and keeping in contact, how could they do this to me? why do they not make me feel like family? All I would do is to greet them, kiss them goodbye, what would I ruin?? And to top it all, my sister in law, who initially was never planned to go, I had to find out she is going to from someone completely outside the family, I feel ‘3assa belgalb, how I always consider them close, and I don’t feel it from them. Damn Whatsapp if it’s considered a means of keeping contacts, and even that, they didn’t send me on a Whatsapp they plan to go. Khalti is the best ever, she’s nothing like them, can’t wait for her return. So much for my social hype.