Her, Nervous

by vyyvaa

Reflections on a scene

As soon as she sat down, she was nervous, from holding the coffee and noticing people around her, the shiver in her voice, the shakiness of her hands, and when she said hello, I saw her, she looked very beautiful, yet she didn’t believe it. She sat where no one would support her, to do it on her own, she tried to receive it… it just can’t be taken, has to be given, you play nice all you want, someone’s got to give.

The long Break

It was a long break, I can barely feel or desire work, but it will pass I’m sure. This Eid break was good to me, for the first time I slept at the in-laws, even though only my brother in law and his wife were there, rest were traveling, but it was a nice change for my family to relocate for a couple of days. The look was perfect, we paid our respects in due time, and we had plenty of opportunity to bond ourselves, I’m glad I’m more into understanding Ot, his reactions, the time frame of a fight, the making up part, the chance to be pampered and appreciated, the kids attachment, it all fell into perfect place. It’s amazing how a woman can change, I’m betting a lot on this particular belief to change a lot of women around me, just small habits or actions/reactions, I know I have since I got married. Much more social, grown up, more cautious of what I have and what I don’t, attention to caring for myself physically, and enjoying the bliss of looking great and dressing up, and I’m glad I’m back into the childhood habit of henna on hair, it’s doing my hair a big favor. My Hajar will go to school in couple of weeks… so excited, as to Ebrahim, I’m so blessed with his sweet attachment and fast track effort to toddler mayhem.