Work Rant: i sparkle but not for her

by vyyvaa

today can be considered my first working day after Ramadhan, since the week after Ramadan I was in a course, and today its a full days work. of course I had to hear some bad news to ruin the good sunday mood…

the acting person during Ramadan was different from my supervisor and she has placed a complaint on me that I do not give her as much effort as I give to the supervisor… I was really furious with her comments because in Ramadan, every body a sleep, she came late SEVERAL SEVERAL DAYS, and any time I was late or not there, I had work related items to attend to outside the office, and I noted it on my door and outlook, but she just had to go and rant to the supervisor.. wow I’m kind of getting my second bite from her. she obviously doesn’t like me, and i am giving her too much room to play with me. this is a time to call for some work ethics and etiquettes.

i sent her an email to explain to her AGAIN my action in Ramadan, and i informed her respectively i am open to any work she would like to add to me, and will be able to assist her in the manner she sees fit… walla i don’t like working with her, because she operates in a one-man-show and then she goes on ranting no one helps her. taking credit blaming others, and not giving any one a chance to participate. i’ll do my best to avoid working with her in the future.

ekhhh.. thats not what i wanted to put in my blog!