New Office / Khloe and Lamar

by vyyvaa

I moved to a new office today, this is just in time for my due promotion, now i got an office with a view 🙂 it came just in the right time really, i needed a little change at work to refuel my energy. i want to keep the same effort i did in the first half of the year, or even do better.

at home, things are going pretty well, very excited about hajar’s school to start next week, must stock up on lunch box kid friendly and healthy food.

i’m not feeling the desire to be creative in writing when posting, but im keeping the posts out so i can drag things out of my system, commitment is pretty hard, especially if u wanna be creative all the time… so writing and writing will surely lead to something good…and there was one thing yesterday i foundm y self secretly attached to… Khloe and Lamar, i watch this show on and off whenever its on, and i watch it all the way, Khloe is super feminine and the way she treats her husband is something i definitely like to follow! last episode i saw she cried because it saddned her the possibility of having a marriage fight! wow.. so cute, we all hate marriage fights, but not alot of people are scared of them, i am.. and Khloe seems so also, yes… married people fight, but whenever there is a fight, we have to be aware that we are fighting, its ‘something’ its not like we wake up every day, we drink, we eat, we fight!