The English School Fahaheel: Hajar’s first week in KG

by vyyvaa

This week my Hajar started KG, and it’s been absolutely exciting. She joined early for her age; she’s 3 and 5 months old. Her school: Fahaheel English School. So far I’m very happy with them, the bus comes on time, Hajar loves the experience, and every day seems to be looking forward to go to school. They even gave her a star and she did art work, sigh!

One of the things I needed to discipline with Hajar with the start of school time is sleep pattern, she doesn’t nap, and before school she could wake up 10, and sleep 11 or 12, two days prior to school I put her on an early sleep early wake up schedule, she sleeps 7:30 or 8 and should wake up by 6… but sometimes she wakes up at 4 a.m. and at one time I took her back to bed several times, and on the other time, I turned on Disney Junior channel and put cake and juice for her and went back to sleep myself J so I need to find the right combination of hours that would get her into a full snooze. I just don’t want her to be napping, it destroys the pattern, and I don’t want her to be super tired coming back from school and I have to take her to a playground or a relatives house just to make her forget she wanted to sleep… just enough time to come back home by 7 and get her ready to bed..

Lunch box is another issue, I didn’t get the time to be fully prepared for this, not a lot of creativity there, but in sha allah next week I will, for breakfast so far I’ve put sandwitches of cheese and peanut butter, a banana, juice, milk and honey biscuits. I’m definitely never putting chips or any kind of unhealthy food into her box.

She insisted she wanted her dolly to be with her, but I managed to convince her otherwise

Can’t wait for Ibrahim to join her…