My First Over 100 KD shoes

by vyyvaa

So it took me a while to buy my first over 100 KD shoes, and it happened yesterday while looking for shoes to my niece’s wedding. I went over several aldo shops, nine west, Zara, Top Shop, Shoebox NY, Kurt Gieger, Comfort Shoe and Uterque. All the while thinking if it’s the one it will hit me, and for the rest nothing actually did, not even the ones I accepted and didn’t have my shoe size available. Then I arrived at SCARPE at the Avenues, and the store was free except for a mommy and her two teenagers invading the inside closet thinking the saleslady may have additional shoes not displayed out yet. I was browsing the collection out and found the one….The charlie tan Bourne tiger print shoes, It looked impeccable and they had only one of my size available, when I wore it, I felt like I just had the best pedi ever… actually, I feel like I want to have the best pedi ever now

The price in the store was 122 KD, and when I got  home to look for it online, it turned out to be from the Autumn Winter 2011 collection, pretty cool, I thought they would display something from three seasons back, but the price was 80 KD on site, so next time I have my heart on a bourne shoes, I will definitely google it first, especially that I know their size would fit me with no problems.