Life on the Fab Lane of Marriage

by vyyvaa

Every now and then, I like to remember I have a fantastic man by my side, all for me, I have two kids, and an extended family as my ultimate support system.

Whenthree days back I was thinking of where I am going from here, I felt a bit of a failure and some disappointment. It wasn’t because of what I did, but because
it seemed there was no specific direction I was heading to.

It was after working hours, at home kids asleep, hubby taking a nap, and me feeling totally drained from both TV and Internet. And that’s when I reached a pen and a paper and started to write
about my instant feeling, hoping it would develop into some kind of a psychological breakthrough!

And just to clear one point nagging in my head, I am most scared of the unknown, like the rest of the human race. What gives me hope is that there is one depiction from the prophet peace be upon him that states if we’ve known where our lives were headed, we wouldn’t have changed a thing; because there is always another view, another angle we are not looking at.

So back to mission in life, what am I doing now? I’m a working wife/mom, and a social bunny. I keep my religious commitments; I have fun doing the above plus TV / Net / Travel / Reading / Following Junk news / occasional obsessions; be it serious as top BBC news or spiritual.

Reflecting on 10 years back, there is no doubt I am in a better place,

Reflecting on 5 years back, again in a much better place,

2 years back, still.. I’ve gained a lot of skills, knowledge the past two years

Last year from this year, job wise it’s much better, life wise…also good

6 months ago? Maybe my marriage was in a better shape, but we were lucky with no major bumps on the road, and we hit one out of the blue, and its making us stronger, its making him love me more, making me appreciate him more, definitely feel connected and worth the long whole way and way more.

The direction is not clear, but hopefully it will unfold by its self, like it has been throughout my life.