Workplace Persona’s

by vyyvaa

Today was yet another shocker personality from Work, my manager called me to her office early in the morning to tell me about one employee who cried in her office last week complaining about me!

The thing is she thought I was ignoring her in one task, I HONESTLY WASN’T, she could have easily come to me and discussed it, but it’s ok. The problem was that she didn’t come to me directly and based her entire speculation on an opinion of her friend, whom I am mentoring at work. She was gushing about how she is involved in the task, and then this girl she felt left out and decided to vent it at the manager’s office.

So much for evaluation this year! of course I handled the situation professionally, and went straight to the employee and clarified the situation for her. She said she didn’t mean it personally. I specifically told her if she had a problem or misunderstanding with me, she should come straight to me.

Lesson learnt: don’t trust anybody at work, and be as transparent as possible.