Fresh Feelings

by vyyvaa

its been long since i wrote down a post. and i really miss it, there are times that i sleep on the determination that i will post first thing in the morning. and the topic maybe a recap of what has happened since i last posted.
i cant seem to find the right time, there is plenty of time on its own.. but ‘right time’.. that’s booth mood and logistics dependent.

we had a family vacation on the Eid break, and spent it in the USA. my kids got to play with the snow, so exciting for them. for me i got that feeling of cleanliness and fresh feelings.
that’s kind of what i’m feeling today, we are doing much better as a family, i have things together, and we’re managing well.
i’m failing at the weight control department… 🙂

work wise, its Fab.. it can be Fab-ber, but i can live with this, and i can see plenty of opportunity to grow, only i need to do the things i need to do first, and quickly, before i’m too old/senior to be allowed to do it.