2012 Work Resolutions

by vyyvaa

tomorrow we go back to work. and all the hanging elements of last weeks chores will either be confronted, or ignored and revisited when it arises again. i’m hoping for the latter, as it will give me a chance to work on my two bad habits of being too serious, easily dropping pple out of the communication cycle.


the longer i stay in the job, the more i realize less is more for the boss… she doesnt need to know everything, she is not baby sitting us, nor should we be competing for her attention and approval for every single work item. i have that tendency too, but since i figured this out, i worked on toning it down, especially when top employees are being independent, and required minimal boss supervision, which makes her super comfortable and totally dependent on them.

I’m in a competitive work environment for sure, and to concentrate too much on the competition is draining insanely valuable quality time i can otherwise use for my professional development.

so here’s my 2012 Work related resoultions:

  1. be nicer to people, and more patient.
  2. do not gossip
  3. reduce multitasking.
  4. don’t hesitate to share information and communication with all concerned.
  5. focus on my professional development time
  6. decline avoidable business trips
  7. realize my own limitations, and stop overloading.
  8. minimize visits to boss; be more initiative and dependable
  9. plan my vacation time where business is less stressful
  10. stop befriending people at work, and be professional / nice with every one