More marriage time, more harmony

by vyyvaa

Current Love Status: Loved/ in love

Satisfaction meter: to the roof

Appreciation meter: not quite..


i tend to complain to myself how much Ot suffocates me with his love expression, his attachment to me is scary and annoying, i sometimes crave for minutes without him. and when i do get those minutes, i run immediately in search for him with the same level of insecurity that he displays to me. we are constantly afraid of losing each other! the difference here is i am afraid of losing him physically, while he is afraid i will fall out of love.

how could i ? ? ? we have fights, and disagreements, but we have tons and tons of little connected memories and tiny little creatures made of love. we have a strong background behind us that connects us, we have each other, as i cant imagine any other woman giving him the attention and love he deserves, and he can not imagine another man able to satisfy me.

we share a habit of having moments of Zen, awareness of our situation, sometimes it is good, it happens when we’re in a bliss.. but sometimes its grave and dark, when we face a silly – I don’t know how the hell it started – fight. and usually, those types of fights are the ones hurting our marriage.

I’m looking forward for the days when i am comfortably old in my marriage, 30 years from now, when we look so much alike, and be immerssed into one person.