Happy New Year

by vyyvaa

happy new year every one, the first day of 2012 feels pretty good. i invited the in-laws over to my place for a gathering, i look pretty, and this is just about the time that i wish i have a professional photographer right around the corner whenever i need her 🙂


my 2012 resolutions:

1. reach 66 kg.

2. read more qoran, and instill it in my kids

3. pay off the remaining of the credit.

4. help out nephew in marriage.

5. go on a family cruise, preferably europe-portugal route, and hopefully on the disney cruise.

6. keep paying more attention to my self physically and mentally.

7. keep the social circle rolling, especially with my family, and close relatives.

8. buy a reed krakoff (!!)

9. buy two more gold sets.

10. keep saving for hajar, and open ibrahim saving account.

i feel like i missed on some goals, so will add later.