Extension of the Family Tree: Blue Blooded House

by vyyvaa

I love my relatives, I really mean it, I lovvve them, I sometimes fantasize about sleepovers, I’m too old, too restricted to even think it.

So many houses to choose from, which to start….

The blue blooded house,

The sister house,

The outcast sister house?

The untouchable cousins?

The low keys?

My curiosity is over the roof… here’s to a post per each. Let’s start with the true bloods, but of course! Where else should I start?! 🙂

Blue blooded cousins

This is the measure house, the number 10 in a 10 point scale, the crème de la crème, for years I kid myself into thinking I was ‘reserved’ for one of them. Little did I know, almost all of them ended up marrying from the sister house.

This is my maternal uncle house; kids turned out well, very together, and keep up a successful dewaneya, no scandal here. The mom in the house is cousin of my mom, and she’s probably the number one woman I would work extra hard for her respect and admiration. So far I’ve been doing good.

The Dad

Passed away 10 years ago, I loved him, I loved how my mom was so attached and protective of him, and he of my mom, they were very tight together, he stood by her, and so did she, and she continued to stand by his family when he is no longer here. He raised his kids to be independent responsible adults, his main and strongest achievement was keeping his kids in a constant state of ‘bundle of sticks’, strong together, always together.

The Kids

Despite the successes, and after getting married to a relative common to both of us, I began to visit them more often, understand them more, bit by bit, the picture perfect family was not as perfect. Some marriages are just going by the flow, some of them are surviving multiple betrayals, the girls can be harsh, my cousin’s wives are not that keen to be in their houses as much as their parent’s house. But the only woman that stood it for me is…

The Mom

How can I describe her? If she earned my mom’s complete respect, she passes with flying colors! She’s not bitchy, nor talkative, kind and smart, she is careful not to hurt, and very attentive to details, unfortunately negative details as well, so I have to be careful not to disappoint her.

I see her as much as I can without appearing too sticky, if I had it my way I would go to her every morning, I especially enjoy her company when we are alone, with no one to take her attention away from me.