Post Valentines’s Day Sideburns

by vyyvaa

I could use this opportunity to talk about what I did with Valentine, but it actually passed without me being aware that its valentine! And here’s why:

  1. I didn’t go out a lot the past two weeks; so I didn’t see it showing.
  2. We have a non-spoken rule against celebrating on specific dates for love, love is all year long.
  3. I work 8 hours; then I stay at home. I don’t tweet, nor facebook… so wasn’t poked enough to remember it.


But here’s what I have in the post as side burns… yesterday I couldn’t bring myself to sleep trying to find a way to make someone ‘not-hate me’; I don’t understand why this person doesn’t like me, and I have a theory it’s not her fault.

She’s been treating me with little respect, and although I offered my help many times, specially early on at work, but I found out that  she doesn’t care much about me, and find no problem in ignoring me.

The issue here may easily be solved if we two just sit down together and have a head to head conversation, but still I don’t see her eager for it. I wanna call for it, but I’m super afraid it will backfire on me. I approached her before in a misunderstanding, and I didn’t feel she changed her attitude, so why she should change it now? Especially when I didn’t do anything wrong to begin with???

I’m bothered and this whole issue is consuming me emotionally; because I don’t understand why is she taking that attitude with me, what did I do? if there is one single thing that I hate the most; it would be that someone hates me or becomes mad at me and never telling me why!!!!! I need to know why, if I did something wrong, I’m going to correct it, If I was misunderstood, I will try to explain it, if I was being punished just for the sake of it, then I will have a relieved feeling and can move on with my life without bothering to befriend her.


I need help.