Living without a maid… week 3

by vyyvaa






I’ve entered week 3 without a maid, this is how my day goes


6:00 a.m.: wake up, wash, pray, prepare kids lunch boxes; and prepare Hajar Lunch when she comes back (rice/ chicken/ soup)


6:30 a.m.: wake up kids, trips to bathroom for each, dress up, and prepare their bags.


7:00 a.m.: we all go down, Hajar bus arrives, I take Ebrahim with me to nursery (from 7 to 3).


7:25 a.m.: I arrive at work


3:00 p.m.: I take Ebrahim from Nursery, Hajar bus comes around 11:30 home, Ot is there to take her to the apartment, he either gives her the lunch I prepared or takes her to his parents’ house until I arrive at 3:30


3:30 to 7:30 p.m.: I do house chores, dress up kids in comfy Pj’s,


7:30: prepare dinner for all


8: kids go to sleep.. and most probably so do I.




The clothes washing is done twice a week, the ironing is done whenever needed only. And major deep cleaning is done on weekends.


What am I missing? Not going out alone (unless Ebrahim is having his 1 hour noon nap) or going out with Ot alone, this is probably the highlight of it, I can still do my social rounds while taking kids with me, it just take a little longer to prepare.




Here’s wishing for more weeks to come with no maid.