Week 4 maidless: pressure is on

by vyyvaa

i wanna say that i’m happy without a maid. and it would be completely honest except for one thing. peer pressure!!

i’m pressured by every one i know to go and get a maid…

mom is telling me, sisters, the in-laws, my husband!! my friends.

no matter how much effort i’m putting onto this.. what people notice is the one thing i don’t want them to!! that i don’t have a maid

my social rounds, the kids are doing kid stuff, and people ask me, where is the maid?

my sister visits over and her eyes notice the loose hangers in the dressing room, but not the dustless living room, not the clean kids room, not the tidy bedroom, not organized bookcase. it goes straight for the loose hangers.

my mother points out my fully packed handbag, which is a regular fixture for me, and blames it on the fact i dont have a maid.

no one seems to notice that i have two healthy alive kids; a satisfied man, and our apartment is not suffering from a dirt tornado.

here’s for another week, while pressure builds up.