Twitter and Personal timeline of our lives

by vyyvaa

i find myself searching for twitter accounts of people i know. this is a very bad practise, but unfortunately they are helping me! people are easily laying out their details / feelings into twitter, with real names. isnt that shocking? momentarily and just thinking only of this thought!! at least be anonymous and pour all you want, so when the time comes that you regret what you have written, or wanna forget a bad issue, u can easily disentegrate without being reminded of it by people who personally know you.

this is gonna be a really tough weekend, that i can not enjoy, we have a wedding on sunday, and its all i can think about, the pressure of being in the spotlight, the responsibility of attending to 100+ people in a span of few hours, it is too much. i wish monday will come already. i will nt enjoy tonight, tomorrow, or saturday, sunday is all i can think of… and i just wish it would be done already.