Big Issues VS Small Warriors

by vyyvaa

since i became maidless i have started to like thursday, it gives me the break i need to sleep and be thorough in my cleaning. Hajar had a international day in School where every body where’s their country uniform; she wore Msarra7 and Darra3a, i let her hair down, too bad i couldnt get the shoes to go for it, so i let her wear he school shoes. i’m pretty hungry right now so the way this is going may not be rational. today in the workplace i became certain that one employee i thought was compitant… isn’t, and that is very unfortunate, i was putting my hope where i should’ve put my patience. and speaking of patience, i recently found out that the hardest kind of patience is patience on people! i’m like below zero in my patience level!! i’m watching a new series on showtime, its called Missing for Ashley Judd, this one suits her, she’s built for such characters. what else do i wanna blurt out? Ibrahim sickness is taking longer than expected, vomiting and diaria; Hajar is talking english more often than i like. and i need to sit her up with a dental appointment real soon. i’m writing and writing, and the only thing that is hanging in my mind out of the whole day is ‘ admin vs technical battle’ when will it ever end? ? ? internal battle please rest, just say what you really wanna say!