Going Chinese for Parenting?

by vyyvaa


I just finished reading Amy Chua’s book of Battle Hymn of tiger mom, for review i loved the book, specially the first two thirds of it, it was exactly what i wanted to read, discipline hard work, practice makes perfect (and makes prodigy child) i’ve caught my self more than once in tears, and it wasnt about the parts of family loss more than it was for parts of parenting approach, and the rebellious nature of Lulu.

i wish i can find a book of “kuwaiti parenting” that i can compare this with. there is lots of books about how to parent in arabic, taken either from an academic western perspective, or islamic/western perspective, or completely islamic perspective.

there is simply not a book that actually speaks how we kuwaitis parent our children.. so if i start to describe my parenting technique, and other parents that i know, i will fall in a trab of jugemental ignorance.

there is no doubt however that our parenting has lots of flaws, not the least of which is that we depend alot on our maids in the very early years of our kids lives.


there is a statement in the book that i liked alot, and it stuck in my mind, people think of early years as a chance to live childhood, but chinese think of it as practice and discipline time to be prepared for the future, valuable years to seed what you will eventually get back in return.

Amy Chua spends alot of time practicing with her children on violin and piano, if i eliminate this, she spends hours doing math drills, teaching them ABC as early as 18 months, teaching them substraction and adddition as early as preschool age.

hours and hours training her kids, preparing them for the future, and the kids produce A’s and excel in everything, this all not an easy road, u should think of the less sleep she is getting, i bet she doesnt even have time for TV every day, what about her work? and why was there no mention of a house maid all through out the book???? she does have help in the piano and viloin lessons, help tghat can be 3-4 hours away that she drives back and forth so her kids can be the top of the top.

i’m humbled by her, she admitted of losing her voice more than once because of constant screaming, its really really hard work to be a mom who works for her children future, she even mentions her aim is not that her kids love her, but that they are prepared for the best future possible. and their choices would be as good as their hard work now.. when they are in the first decade of their life..

what do i do with Hajar and Ebrahim? the highlight of what i did was take off the maid..

i never allow them soft drinks, lollipops, and fast food.

i don’t leave them behind every chance i can.

the quality time i spend with them is PLAY PLAY PLAY.. i taught Hajar English before she joined KG, which is also something im proud of. just by constantly speaking to her in english, and correcting her grammer and building her vocabulary.

i want to teach her qoran,

and Ebrahim, he is 2 now, still not not ready to speak, or potty training ( Hajar has done both by that time) people keep telling me boys are different. i enrolled him in a nursery so he could socialize and build vocabulary. he is not past mama /baba/hajar, just yet.

oh… and he is still sucking his thumb.