Survival Period for 3:15 p.m. to 7 p.m.

by vyyvaa

Soon enough it will be two months since I ditched the maid and the plus side is that children are attached literally at the hips with me whenever they are home. The downside is the same as well! Ebrahim is going thru the terrible twos, and it’s driving me nuts, my neck is extending from the amount of screaming I practice to accommodate the space of sound coming out, and my hair is going white by the second. I have to watch the coffee tables moving every time I put them back, and the OSN card is always inserted into the PSP Slot, and I have to dig my way to get it whenever I see my screen going blank, he has an affinity to draining water. And that’s shown by his love of laundry cleaning, water bottles going straight to the carpet not to his mouth, and the sink filled with running water. Diaper change is a battle I can win; it’s the effort he makes in taking his own diaper that I can’t control! He likes to take off the diaper in irregular times, and significant amount of the time, I get unlucky with his poop all over the place (conveniently enough to the terrible two’s, I have to trace where he moved to clean after him). Kitchen is a favorite disaster zone for him, he used to jump into the rice container, or the sugar, and I had to clean it all, but now I lock the kitchen. In the rare times I forget to lock it, he manages to play with the spices and makes his own powder paintings on the floor. Or takes a yogurt from the fridge to eat half and dump half on (where else) the floor… The clothes closet in their room is favorite to Ebrahim, he likes to take things off the hanger to the floor, and dumb all the boxes where I neatly keep clothing separated by categories. What is it with him and the ground? Humble?? From the moment I take him out of the nursery at 3:15 until it is bed time by 7 p.m., I feel drained emotionally and physically. All I do is chase, cook, prepare, clean, change diapers, clean again, change clothes, put to bed, and finally get my time, that I vow every day I will have 3 hours for myself, but sleep from pure exhaustion. Hajar contribution at this time, well she doesn’t do a lot of the messy work, most of the blame is proudly taken by Ebrahim, but she did have her ample share when she was in her terrible twos.