Highlight of my day: Vocal Coincidence

by vyyvaa

I was walking down the stairs when I heard the phone ring in the living room, nobody was there to pick it up, for some reason I felt a big rush to answer it.

The moment I picked it up, I felt that rush materialize a thousand times over when her voice started to pour to my soul. She pretended she didn’t know who I was, I pretended I didn’t know who she was, and we had one goal in common: to get this conversation a little more seconds longer…

Characters kept invading me, at one second I was the joker, and another I was the subject changer, she asked me something, I answered and asked her something afraid that the conversation will end with only my answer… she answered and she quickly thought of another thing to add… small talks were getting us closer and closer to that silent dreadful moment, where I could clearly feel her shyest voice, nervous body, and alarming awareness that soon enough, the phone will have to be hung up.