Business Invasion

by vyyvaa

my mind has been struggling to keep up with the flood of business ideas for some time now, i sleep with an idea, fully motivated, fully emotionally involved, and i wake up with another equally motivated and equally emotionally involved!

this is me, when i walk i run, when i jump i leap, but this is unlike any obsession i have had before, since it concerns one item i wanted to do for so long, to provide a second source of money for my family, to support them, and be able to give to my kids what i or my husband couldnt have.

i partnered with my brother in law for a loading and unloading businesss, and thinking of buying some stocks that to sell in a year time.. also im thinking of opening an online shopping site, but still not sure what to put it in it 🙂

ideas ideas.. slow down let me concentrate please!

this month is going to be good in sha allah, i will finish my last financial commitment, the car. and can start to save for Ot’s commitment.